Hello everyone! My name is Maren, and I am here to blow. your. mind. with how great these paradoxes are. Enough introductions. No time to waste.

     It seems only fitting that the first post on this blog would be about the Preface Paradox. In a nutshell, it goes like this: an author has written a non-fiction book that, like most non-fiction books, is filled with facts. Every fact has been researched and pondered, considered, then typed up. Then, as they write the Preface to this fabulous book, they include the following line: “I am sure one of these facts is incorrect; it’s impossible that I got them all right.” Their editor, a very logical man, is confused by this sentence. They ask the author to remove it, but they refuse, insisting that it is true. Frustrated, the editor goes through every single fact in the book and asks the author, well, is this correct? Of course it’s correct, says the author- if it were wrong, I wouldn’t have put it in the book! Here, then, is the paradox. The author has said that one of the facts in this book is false, but every individual fact, they claim, is true.

     Just like that author, I’ll go on record saying that one of the paradoxes I will cover will be boring. It’s impossible that they will all be interesting, engaging, and eye-opening. But if you point to my future descriptions of Zeno’s Paradox, the Dark Sky Paradox, the Raven Paradox, or any other amazing thing, I’ll reply, of course it’s interesting- if it wasn’t interesting, I wouldn’t have shared it!

That was fun! Comment your thoughts, and meet me here on Wednesday for another adventure in logic, okay?

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