To many people, learning about the universe can be terrifying. Everything is so big, and it can make you feel insignificant. Religion is one way around this problem. If you think that a god is on your side, the size of the universe isn’t scary. But I’m Atheist, and that’s not about to change.

But the universe doesn’t scare me. How? Here’s what I do: I focus on complexity. Yes, the universe is big. Yes, you are small. But the story of the Universe is one of rising complexity. Quantum soup became atoms became stars became planets became simple life became humans. And right now, we are at the top of the universe when it comes to complexity. As far as we can tell, at least, there is nothing more complex and sophisticated than a human brain in the entire universe. A star might be huge, but it’s just a giant pile of plasma. It’s inanimate. You shouldn’t feel intimated by some dumb star.

And yes, eventually, something will be more complex than human minds. Probably AI. But even then, even in a billion years when unimaginably complex things exist, they will want to understand the universe. And when they look through history, they will see quantum soup and atoms and stars and planets and life and us. We are part of the most important story in existence, and we always will be. We are the step between life and AI, and nothing can take that away from us.



Sorry that wasn’t funny. I was answering a question on Quora, and I just wanted to share.

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